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The information here is provided by PCINW to help you with many tasks related to getting started with our service(s), such as:
  • Finding our Dial-up Numbers
  • Setting up your computer's modem (Windows or Macintosh)
  • Configuring popular e-mail programs such as: Outlook Express, Netscape and Eudora
  • Using Q-Mail to manage your hosted e-mails.
When you click on the area for which you are seeking information, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions, general product information and resolutions to known issues. You'll also find details on how to get additional technical support information if necessary.

We will also keep service updates posted on our Technical Support News Page.

It is our goal that this site will be a useful resource to our customers.  We welcome your comments and suggestions on improvements we can make.

Thank You! -- PCINW Technical Support.

E-Mail Address for Technical Support

email: support@pcinw.com

Contact Telephone Number
(541) 242-0808 or,

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